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75 years of cumulative knowledge and experience

We are dedicated to preserving our clients’ chiropractic legacies by providing high quality services for the sale and purchase of their chiropractic clinics. With over 70+ years of combined experience, our team is skilled and trusted to assist chiropractors with the purchasing, selling of chiropractic clinics.

About About Practice Brokers Inc.

It was more than 25 years ago when Jerry Peterson and Kathy Gergen-Mandel decided it was time to start a brokerage firm that had never existed before. One that puts the client first and emphasizes professionalism and integrity. One that believes in the importance of quality customer service. One that is dynamic and evolves as the chiropractic industry evolves. One that values the hard work and dedication of chiropractors – for their patients, their staff, and their communities.

As an experienced businesswoman, attorney, and founder/co-owner of Schroeder & Mandel (an injury law firm), Kathy had been in the front row seat when her spouse bought a chiropractic practice.  She was less than impressed with the lack of rhyme, reason, and respect for chiropractors who were buying and selling practices. It was time to take this “insider experience” and stand up for the chiropractic community. Jerry, a businessman focusing on selling chiropractic equipment and setting up chiropractic businesses, wanted to do everything in his power to help chiropractors be successful in business. Together, they formed Practice Brokers, Inc. to make a meaningful and positive difference in the chiropractic community. In 2001, Heather Conrad joined the team and soon became the business appraisal specialist. Heather has since appraised hundreds of practices, and she prides herself on the accuracy of her work. 

Today, our experienced team represent clients throughout the United States. Together, Jerry, Kathy, and Heather offer more than 75 years of cumulative knowledge and experience in brokering chiropractic businesses.

Unlike any other brokers, we offer red-carpet service that is comprehensive, professional, respectful, systematized, and personalized to each client. We attribute our success to our passion for doing what’s right for both parties in a transaction, by doing what we can do to get you the true value of your practice and ensuring a fair price for the buyer.

Since day one at Practice Brokers, Inc., we have been committed to facilitating ethical, professional, and high-integrity transactions. Over 25 years ago, our company was founded with the mission to preserve chiropractic legacies for generations to come. We are proud to say this mission is alive and well, making dreams come true for chiropractors to this day.

We have formed a strong relationship with Northwestern Health Sciences University and offer career counseling to all students of chiropractic and alumni, of any chiropractic school, free of charge. Many of our clients have returned when they have decided to sell the clinic that we once helped them buy after graduation. We create long-lasting relationships with clients who seek our advice, counsel, and services.

We value the Chiropractic community.

We make dreams come true.

Traditionally, lenders have been biased against the chiropractic business community. We have created and maintained lasting relationships with lenders throughout the United States, in order to ensure our clients gain the funding they need. We work hard and know exactly what needs to be done for you to fund your dream practice. We have a 99% success rate when it comes to receiving loan approvals for those clients who want our help obtaining financing.

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We make dreams come true.

There is no cost or obligation during the initial consultation. We do not believe in having to open your wallet when trying to find the right broker. Once all parties agree to begin working together, that is when fees will occur. We have separate fees for business appraisals, brokering, and financial procurements which are all discussed BEFORE any party moves forward. Appraisals are paid for upfront and based on set fees, while brokering and financial provisions are paid at closing and based on a percentage. We only earn a commission when we successfully close a deal!


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If you have been wondering how much your practice is worth, how to sell your practice, or how to buy a practice, we can answer any questions you may have. We have experience with various types of practices and experience levels. Please explore our site to learn more about our services. We welcome you to contact our office and ask about business appraisals, selling your practice, buying a practice, or our listings.