Jerry Peterson

Jerry Peterson, co-owner and co-founder of Practice Brokers, Inc. has spent his entire career working with Doctors of Chiropractic. Since 1983, Jerry has been assisting chiropractors with setting up new offices — including equipping the office, hiring staff, obtaining financing, and almost every task that chiropractors need to do to set up their practices from the ashes. A few years into Jerry’s career, he started to help chiropractors find associates, and associates find jobs. In the mid-90’s, Jerry saw a need for career counseling options for chiropractors, so he started providing free counseling services to students at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Also in the mid-90’s, it became apparent to Jerry that there was a real need to start a brokerage firm to help chiropractors buy a practice or sell a practice. Most of Jerry’s friends are chiropractors, and it really irritated him that there was no rhyme, reason, or respect for the process of selling a clinic. Practice Brokers, Inc. was founded to fix this problem. With leadership from Jerry and Kathy, the company offers red-carpet services for people buying and selling chiropractic practices. The entire business philosophy mimics chiropractic itself because that is the industry Jerry is familiar with, and he knows how chiropractic care helps people.

Jerry has had wild success in selling chiropractic practices because he takes time to educate first-time buyers. He knows that educated buyers are the best buyers, just like the most educated patients make the best patients. Jerry has closely mentored our business appraisal specialist, Heather Conrad, since she started working at the company in 2001. He continues to provide free mentoring and career counseling to chiropractic students and alumni throughout the United States.

Jerry not only has decades of experience, but also the credentials to support it. He graduated in 1982 from University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in Business Economics. Since then, he has earned his Real Estate Salesperson Licenses in South Dakota, Iowa, and North Dakota, as well as Real Estate Broker’s Licenses for Minnesota and Wisconsin. In order to provide the highest quality business appraisals, Jerry became Board Certified in Business Appraisal early in his brokering career. Jerry leads by example as businessman by owning other companies, all striving to provide high-quality products and services to Doctors of Chiropractic.

“Our vision statement is ‘Preserving chiropractic legacies for generations to come’ and I take that very seriously. So, if for some reason, we cross paths and we both decide that we are a good match, I am looking forward to working with you.”

– Jerry Peterson, Co-Founder and Broker