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We’re the one-stop-shop for helping you buy or sell a practice. Everything you need to make the transaction as smooth and successful as possible.

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70+ years of combined experience in facilitating practice transactions. Meet our expert brokerage team to help make your purchase or sale seamless.

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See exactly what drives the value of your practice and even get your practice appraised professionally so you know exactly what it’s worth on the market today.

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Our team is committed to coordinating the efforts of chiropractic doctors in order to obtain uncommon results and achieve their vision. We provide assistance, guidance, and counsel on every aspect of buying or selling; obtaining financing; and exit strategy planning for chiropractic clinics.

We strive to offer the highest service and provide guidance based on 70+ years of combined experience working in every element of chiropractic practice ownership.

Buy a Chiropractic Practice

Looking for practices that are up for sale? Browse our list of available practices that are ready to buy. Search by state, listing price, practice size, and more. Our team is here to help you find the practice of your dreams and facilitate your acquisition to make it smooth and successful.

Sell a Chiropractic Practice

Are you looking to sell your practice? Or want to know how to get your practice ready to sell? Our practice brokerage team is here to help you every step of the way.

See all the steps to prep your practice for sale, and to actually find a qualified buyer to take over your practice and make a smooth exit.

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